Are you looking for creativity, healing or both?

me for websiteWelcome

I am a freelance writer and blogger. I am an aspiring author and podcast producer. I am a holistic healer at the Inner Arts Collective in Toronto. I am a Registered Reflexologist and Reiki Master. I am also a Narrative Healing Coach.

Here you will find a link to my published works, online publications, creative projects, events, pod casts, social media outlets and my private practice.

My most recent publication is in The Annual Her Heart Poetry Anthology. They feature two of my poems. One entitled Still With Me written for my late wife, and Let It Go written for my son. Purchase a digital or hard copy here.


MyBrave.Creative.Me blog linked above. Read my latest feature article go to PinkPlayMags. It is a Community Corner Stone piece dedicated to the founders and hard workers of Rainbow Camp, an organization in North Ontario creating a safe summer space for queer and trans youth.


Read my latest post for the PinkPlayMags Queer Parenting blog The Ginger Gent. I wrote Insectile Spelling to chronicle my sons journey into primary school and how bugs have made this interesting, or at least musical.