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​Someone told me once I was prolific. I like the way that sounds, the word has motion. Fluid, like water passing through my hands. I write memoir, fiction and nonfictions novels, blogs, short stories, poetry, comedy, children’s stories, plays, visual art and collage with mixed media. And now the big news is the launch of our podcast Fashioning Families.  For a preview go to Fashioning Families Podcast Preview.



I am a freelance writer and blogger for Pink Play Magazine. Here you will find links to my published works, online publications, creative projects, events and social media. Currently The Ginger Gentleman, my queer parenting blog, has been featured on their website. Follow the link to read The Ginger Gent Is Seeing Double  and learn about the very special new arrival to our chosen family.


My most recent publication is in The Annual Her Heart Poetry Anthology. They feature two of my poems. One entitled Still With Me written for my late wife, and Let It Go written for my son. Purchase a digital or hard copy here.

To learn more about my holistic practice visit Feet Matter