From Scratch

Sometimes starting from scratch is the best thing to do. Siri tells me the definition of this phrase is “beginning with the basic ingredients – typically to bake something, to do something or make something.” The basic thrill of genuinely saying I can let something go is the exciting field of possibilities in front of you. The risk always exists i.e. what if it doesn’t work, what if it turns out like shit, what if this changes in ways I don’t anticipate, but so what? Shit can lead to some, if you will forgive me, very fertile strokes of brilliance.

This phrase denotes looking at a new canvas with a pallet full of paint. A counter full of ingredients that are mingling their single aromas under your nose. Or blank page with a pen in hand that writes so smoothly and darkly that you can’t wait to make the first scratch. This is a sense of freedom that renews the spirit and today I am doing that.

This period of time is called the chaos stage, or brainstorming where there are no limitations on ideas, only continual and preferable expansion. New website, new plans to address work life balance, new ways to make being a single mom easier and a renewed commitment to my creative projects namely my first book.

I want to, if I can use another euphemism, make my mark on the world or as Siri pipes out “make an impact on the world” i.e. to inspire and assist people in their everyday lives whether I am speaking directly to them or connecting my words to a wider audience. Being as authentic and visible as possible is scary because you are opening yourself up, but I have learned that if you do this from the heart it will resonate and make that mark or scratch you were hoping to leave that will stay with the people who need it.

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