The Brave Space

I am a-glow. I am in awe. I am indebted to the talented, passionate, courageous women who are letting their voices be heard. A year ago I was in the inaugural production of #HERStoryCounts. The six other brave women that I wrote with, laughed with and cried with made me stronger, made my voice feel heard. There is something purifying about telling your own story, to tell it you have to strip it down to its components, understand why a particular thing inspired you, intrigued you, wounded or shamed you. It is you being real.

Authenticity is the key to moving art and last night I was moved by brave women who told their stories, sang their songs and drew their truths. When you tell your story to yourself it is a risk to express and to be witnessed while you are doing so is both a risk and reward. It is about taking up space and taking the opportunity to be brave in it. Whether or not it is received well it is out there, but last night at the Fundraiser Cabaret The Brave Space, the full house was intensely appreciative and responsive.

I love that through my creativity my creative community gets to expand, adding more writers, singers, dancers and artists to inspire me and I will hopefully get the chance to inspire them. Creativity is a recipical gift and to all the women who stood up with me tonight in their truths; keep going because the world need you, our friends, daughters, sisters, mothers, aunts and cousins need brave women like you to lead the way.

Job well done everyone!

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