Poetry Publication and Florida Blizzards!

I love writing contests. Well, I love them when I win. Otherwise I try to be pretty neutral about them, given that writers everywhere have submitted to countless contests for eons, it’s just part of the landscape. You look down the road and hope for good weather but try not to be too disappointed when it rains, because after all we need that too. However, every once in a while it happens. You get the answer “yes” instead of a “try again” or flat out “no.” I found Her Heart Poetry when I introduced myself to Instagram where they were doing something cool at instagram.com/herheartpoetry I loved the idea of taking  poetry and joining it with an image like this…


I followed them at once and was soon oohing and awwing over the lovey words and imagery and then made some of my own. So when they announced their contest to select poems for their Annual Her Heart Poetry Anthology I submitted three poems and what do you know they picked two out of the three. It’s a nice little pick me up for a poet. One to to be picked 🙂 and two, to see your work in print (or digital copy.) Purchase here.


There are also two ways that this publication is topical in my life. The first poem picked is titled Let It Go, which I wrote on the occasion of watching Frozen with my son and he asked what felt like a burning question. As the Snow Queen spins singing this song, and constructing her castle of ice he said, “mom, why is she doing that?” To find out what I said you can read the poem. It’s also topical as I am in Disney World for Halloween with him, wearing an Olaf t-shirt, having just ridden the Frozen Everafter ride. Before you ask, yes, it was wicked!


And so was the depiction of Pandora from Avatar, but that’s just a bonus. And yes, see those tiny little people on the ground, they are tiny little regular sized people next to this mammoth structure. No wonder it took them five years to build this thing. Anyways…

Poem number two is also topical. Entitled Still With Me, this one is about my late wife who on November 11th will have been gone for five years. Everyone who loves her continues to grieve of course but I am greatful to be among those people she was closest to on this anniversary. Experiencing the magic together, so much joy, wonder and Frozen sing-alongs in a theatre that manufactured a blizzard!


And so if you would like to purchase a digital or paper copy to read these poems and support this organization that has made me very happy go to the Her Heart Poetry Bookstore and Bob’s your Uncle.


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