Darth Vader Disaster

Let me just open this post by saying The Force was definitely not with me on this! Brunch is a great meal, it is nice to have time to prepare meals on a weekend. It’s even nicer when your guests only have to commute across the driveway. The table was laid, the kid was being somewhat helpful and my place was tidied and ready to go. Now for the menu.


Last Christmas I gave my son a Darth Vader shaped waffle maker. The novelty was golden for a little while but then just like many meals he gets “bored” of it, and turns up his nose afterwords. So with mother determination I decreed a Darth Vader waffle party! To my irritation that morning I realized I had no flour. Having done a food sensitivity test I am trying to use alternatives that don’t hurt me. I had a package of experimental coconut flour so I decided, what the heck I’ll try it.

IMG_3192That was the first mistake, or rather it was the mistake, as I had no idea how much moisture coconut flour required! I just kept adding almond milk and water until my waffle batter had grown twice the size it regularly did filling two bowls. When I put it in the waffle maker the batter had the nerve to remain in its gelatinous form, burn and bond with the inside of the waffle maker like cement.

This was not a small disaster so I called in reinforcements after laughing my ass off. I rang my neighbour and she said if I had toast she would make Darth Vader pressed French toast which turned out to be pretty great. However I felt like I needed to sooth my dismayed cooking ego.

Nicolas Hortense, the epicurean genius behind behind Blogtastic Food was very kind about my last post on mushrooms, so I took a look at his website and found an amazing recipe for Cream Cheese, Asparagus and A Poached Egg on Toast. His site has vegetarian and plant based recipes aplenty, there may have been drool. I told him I was going to throw away my non-dairy conventions and give it a try. However after waffle armageddon I figured I would be nice to myself and sub in some ingredients. Cooking adventures can end up well like that, unless they dissolve into Darth Vader shaped disaster. 

IMG_3193So I cooked up some eggs and asparagus, placed one on top of the other and garnished with balsamic vinegar and chives. As I served it to my neighbour and my housemate I coined it the adult breakfast. Eggs and asparagus rock! It would be great to add something creamy but I was certainly not prepared to sub in anything else coconut that day. Check out his blog and find your own awesome brunch recipes to try and may the force be with you! 

P.S. Next weekend is a toss up between apple crumble and strawberry crepes! 


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