I can remember when my sister-in-law told me about Instagram. Quinn and I were sitting in a nice restaurant The Baton Rouge, back when it was not a big issue to do these things. We were debating calling the little green veggies scallions or just green onions when she “Instagrammed” something.

“What’s Instagram?” I asked back when I was not cool, (still not cool.)

“It’s like FaceBook only just with pictures.” Interesting, I thought that could be fun, I did like to use my iPhone to take a bazillion pictures, especially of food, love to cook and make a plate pretty.

I never knew what a huge part it would play for me as an artist, cook and writer. Back in May of 2021 I had already transitioned to full time day care for the kids and much of the household meals so my Instagramming was on a rolling boil! However as I spent more time there I found myself drawn to poets using Instagram to create an online body of work like Blake Auden, r.c. elliot, Rupi Kaur, lonely penguin and all the other amazing #poetsofinstagram. Their short verses were like inspiring bursts of brilliant beauty and I thought, why am I not doing this? I love photos, I love poetry, I love putting text on pictures, this was how my personal 30 Day Poetry Challenge commenced.

A part of the challenge was to stop on the sidewalk somewhere, or in a park after taking a picture of something that inspired me with its colour, texture or theme and doing a brief but deep dive into why exactly it struck me, what I was feeling and what needed to be said. It was so satisfactory that these little gems that I loved would find a place on this visual platform. I loved it so much that I made it through all 30 wonderful days and I haven’t totally stopped. I am proud to contribute to this online community of poets and share little parts of myself.

To read more of my work go to my Instagram!

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