About Me

Kelly is a freelance writer for the LGBTQ2S+ publication PinkPlayMags and writes their Queer parenting blog The Ginger Gent. She has released two seasons of her podcast Fashioning Families (www.fashioningfamilies.com) produced by her and a single mom friend whom she cohabitates and coparents with. Kelly is a registered reflexologist and reiki master.

Kelly has presented her work in venues like the Rebel Girl Salon and at Spoken Lives (Motivational Speaking Series) in 2020 where she presented as The Merry Widow, on surviving loss as single mom with gallows humour and a superhero. In 2016 she performed at the Inaugural Performance of #HERStoryCounts Theatrical Company. She was one of 8 women telling autobiographical tales. Kelly performed as herself and her superhero alter ego Captain Grief in a blue unitard and cape, discuss.

Her work has been published in the Canadian food journal, Beer and Butter Tarts Vol 1, 2013, the Annual Her Heart Poetry Anthology, 2017 and the November 2019 issue of Maclean’s Magazine with the opinion piece, A widowed mother to her son: ‘Your small life was so powerful, it saved mine.’