Sapphic Writers Online Zine Issue #3

The Sapphic Writers Online Community on FaceBook have brought together a group of writers and I am thrilled to say I am now a part of their female, queer identified collective and included in three of their Collection of Free Online Zines.

In Issue 3# Closeness I contributed a memoir piece, in Issue #4 Out of The Wardrobe  I contributed an except of the new fantasy book I am writing and I also contributed to their Valentines Day Special edition with a piece of poetry.

Maclean’s Magazine November 2019

I am featured in this print issue of Maclean’s Magazine as part of the Before You Go opinion piece. It is a letter to my son in gratitude for all the ways he helped me survive the death of my wife. It is a feature inspired by the late Gord Downie and his habit of regularly expressing his love to the important people in his life.

My son wasn’t even two when his other mother passed away so he knows little about her save stories. This letter is part of those stories and it is the most important things I need to tell him, and remember.  Read the article.


Going to Market

This Journal was a delicious way to look at memoir writing. I really enjoy reading and writing visceral prose and nothing is more visceral or universal than the topic of food. Looking at it, eating it, remembering the memories attached to it.

In this essay very food centric essay I explore the emotional joys and pains of returning to our local Famers Market for the first time after my wife had passed away in 2012. Personal Essay in anthology: Beer and Butter Tarts Vol #1 Canadian Food Journal Published by Stained Pages Press.

Purchase copy here.

The Annual Her Heart Anthology 

Poetry is always with me. I love it for it versatility and for its accessibility when I experience an event or an emotion that really hits me in a profound way. I was very proud to have two of my poems about two of the most important people to me.

The two poems this anthology features Still With Me written for my late wife and the other, Let It Go for my son.  Purchase a digital or hard copy here.

Pink Play Magazine

Pink Play Magazine is a Quarterly LGBTQ+ Publication, where I have contributed feature articles since 2012. I have written many articles for the Community Cornerstones component of this publication, focusing on the Canadian business and individuals have contributed to a safer, more inclusive, informative space or services for the Queer Community to find what they need. I have also written articles on tea, winter warm up delights, queer events and even a feature article Laughing in the Face of Death, on my own blog The High-Flying Adventures of Captain Grief! Captain Grief is my rude, unapologetic, hot mess of a superhero alter ego that helped myself and many others survive the first year after my wife died laughing just as much a crying!

The Ginger Gentleman

The Ginger Gentleman  – Queer Parenting Blog for Pink Play Magazine.

In this I explore the journey of being a queer parent. The problems tackled, the family times enjoyed and the changes that come hard and fast in life. The Gent is growing fast and this is a chronicle of how we arrived here, together. It is also a place where I have posted about my interactions with queer artists and their work.