Narrative Healing

I love peoples stories and I believe in the healing power of giving yourself permission to share them, as you are the only one that can. Being a holistic practitioner has just increased my desire to use artistic expression as an instrumental healing tool in my life. I also love to facilitate other peoples healing journeys, whether it be with healing modalities or facilitating their creative journey in a Narrative Healing Workshop.

As a Narrative Healing Coach I use my skills as a holistic healer and my experience with creative expression to facilitate creative writing as a healing journey in a safe, queer positive, pro-feminist, supportive environment. Using healing tools, simple energy work, guided mediation, creative prompts and writing exercises I foster healing expression in a peer support environment or in one-on-one online sessions.


Narrative Healing Workshop Series:

Creative Writing to Support Your Healing Journey 

Are you feeling called to let creative writing lead you on a healing journey, but feel inexperienced or don’t know where to start? Are you interested in healing modalities such as meditation, energy work ? Are you intrigued to experience a creative, healing collective with your peers?

Then Narrative Healing is for you!

The following six sessions allow you to explore different themes around writing, healing and grounding to work through creative blocks.

Week1: Diffusing the Inner Critic
Week 2: Face It, You’re Awesome
Week 3: Eat My Words
Week 4: Unleash Your Creative Animal
Week 5: The Angry Pen
Week 6: Divinely Expressed

The course will focus on:

– Creative writing prompts and exercises.
– Relaxation and meditation exercises to release creative blocks.
– Energy work and developing a safe working space to support your process.
– Setting an intention on a healing writing project if you have one in mind.
– Explore various writing forms and creative outlets.
– Eating tea and cookies!

Personal Experience with Narrative Healing

As a writer, Reiki Master and Registered Reflexologist I have processed 26 years of chronic illness and the loss of a parent and spouse at a young age, only to emerge a happier, healthier and stronger version of myself. Giving yourself permission to write about your own life is powerful. Especially when you are coming to terms with health issues. I believe it is better when you don’t have to do it alone! Working with a peer group who can witness and support your journey, can also make it safer to be brave and enjoy the process, especially if you are new to creative writing. All that matters is that you are present with a journal, and an intention to be non-judgmental with yourself and your peers.

Workshops will be offered at the Inner Arts Collective.

Narrative Healing is not therapy and I am not a therapist, I am a Holistic Practitioner facilitating a healing environment for creativity and peer support. If you are undergoing treatment by a physician or therapist do not discontinue it as your work with them will support you. If you want to receive Holistic treatments from myself at a discounted price this is available.

Narrative Healing Workshop Series
Date: TBA
Location: Online
Time: TBA
Packages: $500 for Workshop or $550 for workshop + 1hr treatment

Individual packages can be purchased at $600 for six weeks. 

See my testimonials pages to read about the experience of my participants.